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Frenchie Network
Zero Tolerance to FUD

The current market is shaky, we know it. We’ve seen it and we’ve accepted it as a moment where we start to BUIDL FRENCHIE NETWORK.

Meanwhile, people became restless, emotional, uncertain. The virus of F.U.D (Fear, Uncertain and Doubt), has been spread and we are here to prevent its spread. Think of it as COVID, it works the same way spread by air, with thin words of short-sighted visions and speculators that seek easy returns.

Here is what we’ve done this week in terms of Marketing.

Marketing Efforts, Press Releases & Youtube Videos

We are spending daily between 800–1000$ on 4Chan Ads too access million of views and thousands of clicks to our platform!

The results can be seen this week until the end of May!

We have burned 250 BILLION $FREN out of existence.

We went from 1 TRILLION SUPPLY to 750 BILLION SUPPLY in just 2 weeks. We’ve burned a total value of 303.000 US Dollars worth of Frenchie Tokens. And we are proud of it. We consider that is a way that community can trust their developers and team behind projects. By burning manually funds, instead of ‘rug pull’.


We’ve done it, we are audited by Top-Tier Auditor!

We are officially audited by our Frenchie Token + Frenchie Farm. Check out the audit report below, we finished the audit with “Well-Secured” status.

We had a rough period to find a good trustable company as the guys from TechRate are doing generated audits without actual work and their quote are high for Generated Audits without real work value. That is the reason why we have chosen

Photo by Kabo on Unsplash

Farming using 1INCH Liquidity Token FREN-BSC

We are rewarding 5000 $FREN at 3 Seconds based on Binance Smart Chain block numbers with approximative 28800 blocks per day and 144.000.000 million $FREN per day, 25.6 …

In our first week of launch we had started with a program of burn that had the following rules (burn at 500 users on telegram), everything went smooth as users where growing and wallets where growing in same measure. Which gave us the confidence that was the right choice, until it wasn’t. We’ve woke up with a wave of users that we’re inactive and somehow one of our investors/buyers wanted to abuse and fraud our BURN Program by adding as many bots as possible.

We mitigated the attempt of fraud by creating a anti-spam/anti-bot group using our first public Telegram…

We’ve released our whitepaper!

Yes you can check it out here:

On our website

This Week AMA Sessions

We’ve locked most of the funds and we are in the process of burning 25% of ENTIRE SUPPLY.

Here is a breakdown on the vesting for Development Funds & Marketing Funds.

The vesting is made in a way to sustain the current market and think on-long term vision of the community.


🔐 208.950.000.000 $FREN LOCKED UNTIL 1 December 2021 — MARKETING — PROOF


17 May 2021 – 1 Feb 2022


🔐 138.750.000.000 …

Frenchie Network

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